What do an Irish immigrant cook in the early 1900s, a French-Canadian flight attendant in the 1980s, and a mysterious 21st century outbreak striking foreign students and mosque attendees have in common? Find out in Typhoid Mary, Patient Zero… and the M Factor, the latest play from TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater, opening Thursday, October 5, […]

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Interested in finding out how the Founding Fathers might react to contemporary controversies? Head out to Fort Atkinson for a special performance of Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board on Saturday, February 25, at 7:30 pm at the Café Carpe, 18 South Water Street West. In this original play […]

What would the Founding Fathers think? Democracy is a messy business, and no one knows that better than Ben Franklin and Baron von Steuben. Find out just what these two Revolutionary War heroes have to say about contemporary controversies in Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board, the latest play […]

Individuals of all political persuasions invoke the “Founding Fathers” to justify their positions – but have you ever wondered what the Founding Fathers themselves would think? That’s the question at the heart of Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board, the latest play from TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater opening Friday, May […]

You know how it is with zombies…     Zombies and Halloween…  What Could Be Better? Enjoy an up-close and spooky performance of A Night at the Zombie B&B, the hysterical TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater comedy about zombies and all things apocalyptic, at the historic Mendota Lake House B&B in Madison. Two performances only! Friday and […]

TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater Announces 30th Anniversary Production. What do you get when you combine performance art with a Catskills attitude? You get Work the Act, a new comedy from TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater, marking the Company’s 30th year of developing and producing original theater. Work the Act follows the misadventures of the Rolling Bag […]

You know how it is with zombies – they keep coming back. True to form, the zombies featured in TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater’s one-act comedy, Now What, are hitting the comeback trail, and stopping off in coffee shops, restaurants and watering holes throughout Dane County. The next expected zombie outbreak is Saturday, April 19, at 8 […]

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30 years ago this unlikely adventure began, and we are still here. Celebrate with us!

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Summer’s here, and the time is right for singing and acting in the streets – at least on Madison’s east side. Next-door neighbor arts organizations TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater and Fresco Opera Theatre are teaming up to celebrate their shared neighborhood in Convenience, a new production opening Friday, August 1. Combining comedy, opera and a […]

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Ralph Brown was an ace tap dancer, a virtuoso of what he called “heelology.”  Get trained in his technique in a special workshop with Katherine Kramer. Katherine Kramer is a tap dancer and multi-faceted performer whose artistic explorations have taken her from Brazil to Cuba to Prague to Anchorage, Alaska. She was the founder and […]