Mangia, Mangia on Tour!

It’s time for seconds!

Treat yourself to a heaping helping of humor, heart and genuine Italian food when “Mangia, Mangia!” visits your community on tour.

“Mangia, Mangia,” the hit play from TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater, brings Madison’s legendary Greenbush neighborhood to life through comedy, drama, old family photos and more. Mangia Mangia, the story of time when less was more, except when it came to cooking and eating!  It’s full of humor, heart, family and food.

Based on interviews with former Greenbush residents and a series of cookbooks featuring recipes and memories of the Greenbush by Catherine Tripalin Murray (who will be on hand to answer questions after the performances), “Mangia, Mangia!”’ transports audiences to a time when less was more – except when it came to food. To get you in the mood for a trip to the fictional Greenbush, a special menu has been created by our chef.

For more information about the play, “Mangia, Mangia!” contact TAPIT/new works at 608.244.2938 or visit

“Mangia, Mangia!” is written by Danielle Dresden, directed by Jody Reiss, features a cast of four, including Sarah Whelan, Donna Peckett, Emily Morrison Weeks and Danielle Dresden.  Technical support by Gabe Reiss, and the co-producer is Jeff Knupp.  “Mangia, Mangia!” is a production of TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater a 27 year-old professional theater, based in Madison and touring throughout the US and abroad.  For more information about the Company, please visit our website: or on Facebook.



Mangia Mangia - Tomato Board

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