Tap Class Information

Established in 1985, TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater creates, produces and performs original theater, collaborating with artists working in the disciplines of theater, tap dance, visual arts and music; brings the arts to audiences of all ages and backgrounds; encourages participation in the arts, offers multi-arts classes and workshops and enriches the lives of individuals and communities.

The Company offers year-round tap dance classes for ages 10 – 80+, workshops by visiting artists, and reaches out to diverse groups of students. This page provides background on the tap dance classes at TAPIT/new works.

The organization is a place for serious instruction in rhythm tap, focusing on technique, choreography and improvisation in an atmosphere of respect and fun.  Group and private lessons are offered for students ages 8 to adults of any age.

Instruction emphasizes the musicality of tap dance, tap’s rich traditions and rhythmic possibilities. Tap dance is a complex, challenging, and surprising art form.  Developed from a blend of African polyrhythmic movement and music, Irish step dance, with influences of Afro-Cuban and North American dances, tap dance is an original North American art form.  Jazz music and tap have traded measures since the beginning, with each of these art forms, in turn, assimilating twists of time, phrasing and rhythm.


  • Respect for any student at any level who wishes to pursue the art of tap.
  • Respect for the integrity of the art form.
  • Respect for the originators of tap dance and the leading tap artists of today.

The facility offers a quality oak floor for instruction.  Students’ questions are welcomed.


A limited number of scholarships are available to students who show a keen interest in studying tap dance.  These are awarded on the basis of interest, dedication and financial need.  

Donna Peckett is the instructor for all classes at TAPIT/new works.  Co-producing artistic director of TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater, she is a choreographer, actor, tap dancer and devoted arts educator.  The recipient of two Wisconsin Arts Board Fellowships and a Wisconsin Dance Council Recognition Award, she has performed throughout the US and abroad. She has a BA in Art History from the UW-Madison and is a member of the theater arts faculty of Edgewood College.  She enjoys cooking and gardening