Organizational History

“Garden Party.”  Benefit Performance for Canada tour.   Directed by Sarah Whelan, with Donna Peckett and Danielle Dresden, featuring the garden slides of Jeannette Golden, music by Barbara Chusid, costumes by Terry Lynn Alexander.  TAPIT/new works Studio Theater.  Madison, Wisconsin.

The B-F-Z-Bully Free Zone Residency.   Hamilton Middle School.  Madison, Wisconsin.  Funded by American Girl’s Fund for Children; the Wisconsin Arts Board; Hamilton Middle School PTO.

“Garden Party.”  Riverview Arts Centre.   Moncton, New Brunswick. Imperial Theatre.  St. John, New Brunswick, Canada.

“Source Code: Candide.”  Benefit Performance.  Catered by Tex Tubbs Tacos.  Featuring Nelson Zane Eisman, Sam White, Danielle Dresden, Donna Peckett.  Written by Danielle Dresden, directed by Jeanne Leep, set and graphic design by Michael Duffy, costumes by Donna Breslin.  TAPIT/new works Studio Theater.  Madison, Wisconsin.

“Garden Party.”  Middleton, Wisconsin Public Library.

“Source Code: Candide.”  Biblioteca Publica.  San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato, Mexico.

“Tear Up the Front Page.”  TAPIT/new works Studio Theater.  Madison, Wisconsin.

“Tear Up the Front Page.”  Performance and Public Discussion.   Danielle Dresden (actor-playwright), John Gustafson, Matthew Schrader, Donna Peckett.  Directed by Pete Rydberg.  Stage manager, Steppe.  Costumes by Hannah Murray.  Cartoons and voice work by P.S. Mueller.  Purdue University, West LaFayette, Indiana.       

 “Garden Party.”  Heider Center.  West Salem, Wisconsin.

Uncommon Fun Arts Residency.   Mini Performances and Workshops by Danielle Dresden and Donna Peckett; directed by Jody Reiss, with costumes by Terri Lynn Alexander.  Sponsored by the Wisconsin Women’s Network, with funds from the Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission, Evjue Foundation, Capital Times Kids Fund.  Madison, Wisconsin and Dane County Middle Schools.     

House Concert Tap Jam.  TAPIT/new works Studio Theater.  Madison, Wisconsin.

“The Mystery of the Missing Word.”  Carol Stream, Illinois.

College for Kids.   University of Wisconsin Arts Outreach workshops conducted by Donna Peckett.

Last Frontier Theater Conference.  Danielle Dresden, featured playwright and short play responder.  Valdez, Alaska.

Prism.  ASummer Arts Program for 10-12 year olds.  Madison, Wisconsin.

Bubbles.  A Summer Arts Program for 5-6 year olds.  Madison, Wisconsin.

Kaleidoscope.  Summer Arts Program for 6-9 year olds.  Madison, Wisconsin.

Arts Midwest Roundable Discusson facilitated by Danielle Dresden, with Donna Peckett.  Kansas City, Kansas.

“Tear Up the Front Page:  Continuing the Community Conversation.”   Play and public discussion with John Gustafson, Matthew Schrader, Donna Peckett, Danielle Dresden (playwright and speaker); cartoons and voice work by P.S. Mueller.  Directed by Pete Rydberg.  Stage Manager, Steppe, Costumes, Hannah Murray.  Funded by the Wisconsin Community Fund and Grassroots Citizens of Wisconsin.  Mineral Point Opera House.  Wisconsin.

WEAC Annual Conference.   Showcase performance of Uncommon Fun.  Overture Center for the Arts.  Madison, Wisconsin.

“Mangia Mangia.”  A Play about the Greenbush Neighborhood.”  Written by Danielle Dresden, directed by Jody Reiss,with Sarah Whelan, Emily Morrison Weeks, Donna Peckett, Danielle Dresden.  Costumes by Terri Lynn Alexander; sets by Michael Duffy; Gabe Reiss, stage manager.  Research by Catherine Tripalin Murray.  Post performance discussions facilitated by Traci Nathans-Kelly.  Funded by the Wisconsin Arts Board, Wisconsin Humanities Council, Dane County Cultural Affairs Commission.  After show snacks catered by Bunky’s Cafe.  TAPIT/new works Studio Theater, with outreach to Lapham Elementary School, St. Mary’s Adult Day Health Care Center, Orchard Ridge Elementary, Sandburg Elementary, LeChayim Lights Goodman Lunchtime Program for Seniors at Temple Beth Israel.  Madison, Wisconsin.

 “Mangia  Mangia Taster.”  Atwood Winnebago Winter Festival.  TAPIT/new works Studio Theater.