2018 Season of Work

TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater

We dedicate this season to Susan McQuade, multi-talented, gifted theater artist, graphic designer, jewelry-maker, handy-woman, who was a loyal and caring friend and colleague for nearly 55 years – someone you could always count on.

Her loss is deeply felt.

Our 2018 season blends innovative original theater, community-building residencies, workshops, classes, and performances.

First Person Quite Singular: The Art of the Monologist, Ruth Draper– Although monologist Ruth Draper dominated the American and European stage from the 1920s until her death after a performance in 1956, inspiring thousands of actors, including the inimitable Lilly Tomlin, she is not well known in the 21st century. Her original monologues, so much ahead of their time, moved people to tears and hilarity. Ten accomplished female actors and introducing the young female writers/performers of tomorrow. Additionally, Danielle Dresden and Donna Peckett will work with a group of middle and high school students to develop their own monologues and give them the opportunity to present their work along with Company actors. Overture Center. Wisconsin Studio, October 5, 6, 7, 2018.

Kaleidoscope – This Summer Arts and Nature Adventure provides children, ages 6 – 9, with morning music, visual arts, and movement workshops, followed by afternoon nature studies and creative drama. Kaleidoscope offers two weeks of enriching summer activities in a respectful, exciting, and creative environment. TAPIT/new works Space. July 9 – 13, 2018

Our Stories Through Time – In the 2018 school year, TAPIT/new works, Inc., is building on its long-standing commitment to providing young people of all backgrounds with access to the arts. This school year, we are offering 4 to 8 session residencies for 4th– 5thgrade students at Northside Elementary, Marquette Elementary for 4thgrade students, and 5thgrade students at Olson Elementary. This project builds empathy through hands-on access to the arts. As they create scenes about their cultural heritage, students learn about theater, dance, spark their creativity, and develop performance skills. Perhaps more importantly, they engage in collaborative learning, gain an appreciation for other cultures, and develop critical thinking and communication skills necessary for becoming engaged citizens. January – May 30, 2018

One Voice/Speaking Our TruthLoneliness is as much of a health hazard for older adults as smoking. Featuring residents of St. Mary’s Care Center and the Verona High School Transitional Education Program for 18 – 21, this collaborative traveling performance uses the arts to transform social isolation for individuals of all ages and abilities. Workshops from January – April 2018 with performances from May 14 – June 4, 2018.

Typhoid Mary, Patient Zero… and the M Factor: A play set at the intersection of public health and personal freedom –This original play, written by Danielle Dresden and directed by Coleman, with discussions facilitated by Professor Judith Leavitt, featuring Donavon Armbruster, Liz Light, Joshua Paffel, Peckett and Dresden, juxtaposes true stories of “Typhoid Mary” (Mary Mallon) in the early 20thcentury and the AIDS epidemic of the late 20thcentury with an imagined outbreak of the near future to explore how attitudes towards infectious diseases reveal social values, and how social values shape responses to infectious diseases. Edgewood College, March 22, 2018.

We Are: Performance and Discussion on Cultural Identity – How does your racial and ethnic background affect who you are? That’s what students and area artists will explore through performance and discussion in “We Are: Exploring Inter-Cultural Identity.”

The diverse cast of “We Are” brings issues of diversity, race, inclusion, age to life by sharing their individual stories through spoken word performances, music, monologues, poetry, and tap dance. The program includes performances by:

  • Donna Peckett – Choreographer/actor, educator.
  • Fabu – Poet/educator, former Poet Laureate of Madison
  • Sergio Nute – Musician and educator

After the presentations, audience members will join students, teachers, staff, and the performers in facilitated discussion groups. 

Tap Dance Classes and Workshops– Year-round group and individual lessons in the art of rhythm tap, with additional workshops and master classes by outstanding tap artists.


In addition to our work in nearby communities, TAPIT/new works is touring the following productions:

Garden Party: A Comedy for Gardeners both Casual & Crazed–Combining comedy, music, tap dance, and garden slides, this show celebrates gardeners both casual and crazed. In linked vignettes showcasing wagering garden gnomes, battling plants, mustard researchers and a meeting of Gardener’s Anonymous, this cabaret-style production explores the comic possibilities of America’s favorite hobby.

Pop-Up Politics– Random dates and times, an hilarious look at today’s scintillating times. 2018.

Ben Franklin & Baron Von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board A high school instructor teaches that Baron von Steuben, the Revolutionary War hero, was gay… Conservative School Board members plot changes in district policies… And conflict erupts. Ben Franklin and Baron von Steuben are compelled to step in to set the record straight, so to speak, in this new play about what happens when history speaks up for itself.

Work The ActWhat do you get when you cross performance art with a Catskills sensibility? The answer is Work the Act, a comedy about the misadventures of a struggling theater company. When the Rolling Bag Players try to re-invent themselves as “serious artists,” the result is avant-garde theater with a punch line – and unlikely success. But what matters most to these misfit comics is even more surprising!


For more information please contact TAPIT/new works, info@tapitnewworks.org; 608.244.2938.