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Kaleidoscope 2018

A summer arts & nature adventure.  Through experiential education in music, visual arts, movement, drama, and nature studies, Kaleidoscope provides children ages 6 – 10 with new and creative ways to understand the world and express themselves. Fusing learning and fun, this one week program educates as it inspires, with a dynamic team of professional teaching […]

2018 Winter-Spring Tap Class Schedule

The class schedule can be found here.

Typhoid Mary, Patient Zero… and the M Factor Premieres October 5

What do an Irish immigrant cook in the early 1900s, a French-Canadian flight attendant in the 1980s, and a mysterious 21st century outbreak striking foreign students and mosque attendees have in common? Find out in Typhoid Mary, Patient Zero… and the M Factor, the latest play from TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater, opening Thursday, October 5, […]

Founding Fathers Hold Forth – in Drag!

Interested in finding out how the Founding Fathers might react to contemporary controversies? Head out to Fort Atkinson for a special performance of Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board on Saturday, February 25, at 7:30 pm at the Café Carpe, 18 South Water Street West. In this original play […]

How to Contact Us

Producing Artistic Directors
Danielle Dresden
Donna Peckett
TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater
1957 Winnebago Street
Madison, Wisconsin 53704
Phone: 608.244.2938

Mission Statement

TAPIT/new works creates, produces and performs original works, collaborating with theater, dance, music and visual artists; brings the arts to audiences of varied ages and backgrounds; encourages participation in the arts through outreach; and strives to enrich the lives of individuals and communities.

Building Social Connection Through the Arts

St. Mary’s Care Center and the Verona School District’s Functional Vocational Program (VSDFVP) are joining together with TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater to address a major public health hazard, striking as many as one in five people and linked to early death in older adults. The health problem is loneliness, and the three partners are showing […]

A democracy lesson — in drag

TAPIT/new works tackles school censorship By Chelsey Dequaine in Isthmus, April 28, 2016 Baron von Steuben, the Revolutionary War hero credited with transforming the Continental Army into a force capable of beating the British, was never asked and didn’t tell: By many accounts, von Steuben was a gay man. In Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben […]

Comedy, Controversy, and History Featured in New Play

Individuals of all political persuasions invoke the “Founding Fathers” to justify their positions – but have you ever wondered what the Founding Fathers themselves would think? That’s the question at the heart of Ben Franklin & Baron von Steuben vs. the Paine County School Board, the latest play from TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater opening Friday, […]

The Wisconsin Humanities Council Interviews Danielle!

Wisconsin Humanities Council – Featured: On Art, summer 2015. Danielle Dresden, playwright, actor and residency artist, is producing artistic director of TAPIT/new works Ensemble Theater in Madison. Dresden is the author of 35 plays performed across the United States and abroad. TAPIT/new works has received multiple WHC grants for projects that make innovative use of humanities expertise […]